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Obsidian is actually molten lava that cooled so quickly after a volcanic eruption that it had no time to crystallize. It therefore has a different structure to many minerals and crystals and often presents a highly polished reflective surface even before it is tumbled or polished by human hands.

Obsidian is a stone without boundaries or limitations. It works extremely quickly and with great power. Its reflective qualities make it a stone of truth as it is merciless in reflecting our own true natures back to us. Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian.


Metaphysical Qualities of Obsidian

Obsidian helps us to uncover the real causes of anything that is making us unhappy in life. It also shows us the emotional root of many of our physical problems and impels us towards growth, self-awareness and self-development much more quickly than any other stone or crystal could. It has great power and a strong vibration that gets things done. For this reason, some people find Obsidian overwhelming at times, and if used during healing sessions the therapist or healer should keep a sharp watch on the client's responses to Obsidian.

Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield for the aura against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and disperses negative spiritual influences when these are not for the Highest Good.


Psychological Benefits of Obsidian

Obsidian helps you understand and to know who you truly are. It brings you face to face with your shadow side and teaches you how to integrate the darker aspects of yourself with your light body. There is no shame or judgement attached to the psychological benefits of Obsidian, it simply shows things as they are and then supports us as we deal with unpleasant or difficult truths.


Emotional Benefits of Obsidian

Emotionally, Obsidian can bring great comfort to those who are living in fear or with abuse. It imparts strength and courage to enable breaking away from unhappy or cruel relationships and also protects against manipulation and co-dependency. 

The most comforting, and gentle, form of Obsidian is Apache Tear. It acts in a gentle way to uncover trauma and bring anything that needs healing to the surface. It comforts grief and relieves long-held grievances. it is also excellent for protecting the aura and absorbing negative energies.


Obsidian Chakras

Black Obsidian can be used to ground spiritual and etheric energy firmly into the physical body. It is also useful for grounding the physical body into the energies of the Earth. It can be placed on the Sacral Chakra to ground spiritual energy into the body. Held briefly above the Third Eye it dissolves mental conditioning and breaks through mental barriers and rigid thought patterns.


Physical Healing with Obsidian

Obsidian occurs in different forms and colors, each one with its own special healing vibration.

Blue Obsidian is said to treat speech defects and personality disorders. Green Obsidian treats the gallbladder and the heart, while Mahogany Obsidian is said to relieve pain and improve circulation.


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