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5 Must-Have Crystals for Beginners :


Crystals are an incredible tool for transforming your life. They vibrate at frequencies that promote healing and bring abundance, vitality, love and other beautiful experiences into your life.

Today, we’ll be exploring some of the best crystals for beginners to start your crystal collection. Each of these crystals is beginner-friendly to use and are perfect for those getting started with crystal work. If you’re ready to use crystals as a tool in your divine healing journey, read on to find out what crystals may be right for you!

1. Rose Quartz:

rose quartz 

Commonly referred to as the crystal of love, rose quartz is a powerful, stunning pink quartz crystal that can be used to inspire self-love and navigate romantic, familial love and friendships.
Use rose quartz in your meditations to bring gentle, loving energy into your life. Rose quartz effectively empowers your self-love journey and can help you be more open to receiving love from others. Rose quartz is a very beginner-friendly crystal, making it one of the best starter crystals for your collection.

2. Pyrite:



Pyrite provides protection. Its wearer is protected in every way possible as the stone seeks to shield them. Pyrite is always ready to preserve your purity, whether it's by protecting you from negative vibrations or reducing negative self-talk.
Our lives become more authentic when we can break free from toxic ties, and Pyrite is one of the best stones for getting started in protecting your energy and living a more abundant life. You can shop Pyrite online here.

3. Selenite:

As soon as you sit down with Selenite, it gets to work, relieving you of those anxieties and worries that can weigh you down. The stone is not fond of negative thoughts and toxic energies and is known as a purifying stone.
Selenite helps you unburden yourself by empowering you to think with enhanced clarity to help free yourself from situations that no longer serve you. As a result, you become beautifully aware of your surroundings and make healthier choices by working carefully with your soul. This stone encourages you to be open, honest, pure, and free and to forgive situations that have no place in your life. As you release emotional stress, selenite helps you live an abundant, fulfilled life.


4. Hematite:


Hematite is a stone that brings strength to the mind. Hematite is a stone that makes sure that you are not taken advantage of by other people's bad vibes and moods. Those who have strong empathic abilities find that Hematite is an excellent investment.
Hematite will help you find self-love and protect you from negative energies and toxic people. This stone is powerful against unhealthy thinking and behaviours like gossiping, narcissism and more. Hematite is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps you stay grounded during your spiritual practices. 

5. Carnelian:


There's a reason it's called The Artist's Stone. Carnelian encourages you to express yourself through writing, painting, and other creative pursuits. It does this by letting energy flow, enabling you to embrace your inner child and allowing you to get in touch with your creative side.

When we go wild with our creativity, we feel re-energized and confident now that we've been able to step into the light. Carnelian is an excellent gemstone to have in your life if you're looking to feel more confident, creative and empowered. It's also known as the Singer's stone, as it encourages you not to hold your tongue and to speak your thoughts into reality. 
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