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MoonKraft Co.

Crystals For LOVE | Healing Crystals | Crystal Love Kit

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Open your heart to passion and affection with our Crystal Love Kits!

We could all use more love in our lives, whether that be loving ourselves, loving others, or being open to receiving love. Our kits are the perfect combination of crystals to protect, enhance and strengthen all forms of love in your life! 

Included in your kit:

  • Rainbow Moonstone (tumble) : Eases stress & enhances intuition
  • Rose Quartz (tumble) : Promotes love inside & out
  • Pink Tourmaline (tumble) : Encourages happiness, love & joy
  • Carnelian (tumble) : Protects against negative energy & intensifies passion 
  • Amethyst (raw) : Soothes and calms negative emotions