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Large Ocean Jasper Wand | Healing Crystals | Tower | 1 pc

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This stunning Large Ocean Jasper Tower has beautiful druzy and is truly a one of a kind statement piece.

Weighs : 670g

Nurture your energy with our Ocean Jasper Healing Crystal. Stimulating the solar plexus and heart Chakra. This stone is so helpful when you need a boost in your emotions. Just like the waters of the ocean, Ocean Jasper has a soothing feel that brings you to a place of serenity. Where there is chaos this crystal brings peace. Ocean jasper is a excellent support stone, it stears you away from the negative and aids in helping you achieve the ultimate goal, happiness!

Key Features

  • Removes negative emotions 
  • Helps heal past wounds
  • Inspires courage
  • Brings a sense of calm where there is chaos
  • Protects your from negative energy 

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Please note, you will receive one similar to what is pictured. Each one is unique!