Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Although Clear Quartz is one of the most common crystals and can be found just about everywhere on Earth it is still arguably the most powerful and versatile of all minerals. It amplifies the energies of other stones, an also of the human biomagnetic field. Attached to the fuel line of a vehicle it can help cut consumption, and when acupuncture needles are coated in quartz their effects increase by over 10 percent.


Clear Quartz Meaning

Clear Quartz is known as a super healers stone, for good reason. it has the ability to ascertain exactly what healing is needed in each individual and to deliver healing energies as needed by each person. Quartz enhances muscle testing and protects against radiation. It also generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity from the aura.


Metaphysical Qualities of Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz takes the energy to the most perfect state possible, no matter what is in need of healing. it works on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level to take the vibration of the energy back to a time before dis-ease set in.

Clear Quartz acts as deep soul cleanser ans connect the physical dimension with the mind. At a spiritual level Clear Quartz raises the energy to the highest possible frequency.  Clear Quartz is able to store information like a natural computer, and these crystals form a kind of spiritual library waiting to be accessed. When used in meditation Clear Quartz filters out distractions and enhances the experience of exchanging thought forms of energy with both your own soul and with beings from other worlds, the Divine and the world of spirit. 


Psychological Benefits of Clear Quartz

Psychologically, Clear Quartz empowers and strengthens on every level. It enhances self-esteem and increases self-confidence. It also forms a barrier shielding the energetic body from negative vibrations and influences from outside. 


Emotional Benefits of Clear Quartz

Emotionally, Clear Quartz brings a vibration of calm and tranquillity as well as of Universal healing. It is one of the best receptors for programming and can be used to hold your intentions, desires, dreams and hopes in a state of positivity for as long as is needed. When you share your thoughts and ideas with this stone it will serve to remind you of the need to take action in order to manifest the things you want in your life. It also amplifies the thoughts you program into it and sends them out into the Universe in line with the Law of Attraction.


Clear Quartz Chakras

Clear Quartz is often ascribed to the Crown chakra due to its white or translucent color. It will work to open and activates the Crown chakra but it is equally beneficial when used on all of the chakras, from Base to Crown. Use it to cleanse all of the chakras of negative energies and to bring them into alignment and harmony. 


Physical Healing with Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It balances the energies of body, mind and spirit and stimulates and supports the immune system.


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