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Rose Quartz Rose Crystal | Healing Crystals | Carving | 1 pc

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Stunning Rose Quartz Rose Carving. This an amazing piece to add to any healing crystal collection. All the power of Rose Quartz with a unique flare to match your style and décor. 

Fall head over heels with our Rose Quartz | Unconditional Love Crystal. This crystal is said to boost feelings of calm, self love and peace. Rose quartz is also said to promote trust and emotional healing.  It wards of negative energy and encourages feelings of calm & happiness. Let all levels of love enter your life with this powerful Rose Quartz Crystal.

Key Features
⦁ Helps heal relationship problems
⦁ Encourages compassion and kindness within you
⦁ Helps replace negative energy with positive energy
⦁ Strengthens love and feelings of love

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Please note, you will receive one similar to what is pictured. Each one is unique!