Angelite Meaning 

Angelite is a stone for the New Age and is often referred to as a "stone of awareness". As its name suggests, Angelite facilitates connection with the angelic realm. The crystals appear in a variety of shapes, usually with distinctive veining that resembles wings. It is actually a compressed form of Celestite and it shares many properties with that stone. It occurs in delicate shades of blue and grey, reminiscent of the sky in summer and of the ocean at rest. It has a distinctly feminine vibration and is an excellent nurturer stone. 

Metaphysical Qualities of Angelite 

Angelite has a high spiritual vibration and is imbued with divine energies. It is useful for stimulating latent clairvoyant abilities and for taking you into the infinite peace of your spiritual self during meditation. It enables out-of-body journeys and enhances telepathy. It is a stone for peace and brotherhood and is said to promote purity of heart and to attract good fortune. Angelite aids meditation by amplifying the energy and dispersing extraneous thoughts. It protects the aura form negative external influences. 

Psychological Benefits of Angelite 

Angelite helps you to speak your truth, whatever form that may take. It removes the fear of being judged or misunderstood and promotes self-trust and self-confidence when you are communicating with others. This beautiful stone also reminds you of the need to be accepting of others, whatever their truth may be, and to show understanding and compassion whenever it is needed. Angelite is said to counteract cruelty and to remove psychological pain. 

Emotional Benefits of Angelite 

Angelite is a supportive stone emotionally, brining reassurance and comfort during trying times. It is especially beneficial when called upon to resolve emotional conflict. Its high, pure vibration dispels doubt and promotes trust. Angelite can help with social awkwardness and social anxiety, lift a low mood and replace pessimistic thoughts with optimism and hope. 

Angelite  Chakras

Use Angelite on both the Third and the Heart chakras to integrate spiritual insights with love and compassion. Its gentle vibrations open the Heart to new ways of seeing the world and to the beauty in everyone and everything around you. Angelite is attuned to the spiritual realms and to the benevolent energies of the cosmos. When you place it on your Third Eye during chakra balancing or chakra healing, it facilitates the opening this center and allows you to see your path ahead more clearly. It helps to make a strong connection with spirit and to delve more deeply into your souls' purpose. 

Physical Healing with Angelite  

Applied to the feet, Angelite unblocks meridians and energetic pathways. it is beneficial to the throat, alleviating inflammation and helping to balance the thyroid and the parathyroid. It is believed to have a tonic effect on the fluids of the body and acting as diuretic when necessary. Angelite is also said to repair tissues and blood vessels, to support weight loss programs and to ease congestion in the lungs.  


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