A piece of Citrine is a must in any crystal collection due to its abundance of vital, positive energy. Raw Citrine occurs in geodes that can be used to cleanse other stones, and it never needs cleansing itself as it constantly renews its own vibration. 

Citrine is an exceedingly beneficial stone, carrying within its structure the power and warmth of the sun. It is highly creative, warming and energizing. Citrine is able to absorb and transmute negative energy from the environment and is a highly efficient aura protector. 

Metaphysical Qualities of Citrine

Citrine energizes every level of life. It cleanses and balances the subtle bodies and has a beneficial effect on the meridians of the body, through which Chi, or Life Force Energy flows. Citrine has the ability to open, cleanse, clear and activates all of the chakras. It dissolves energy blockages and allows the energy to flow freely through the chakras so that they work together in harmony. Citrine is the stone of abundance. it teaches how to manifest and attract prosperity, money, success and joy. Negativity stands no chance around joyful Citrine.


Psychological Benefits of Citrine 

Citrine is effective in removing destructive tendencies, and in reprogramming thoughts patterns into positive rather than negative channels. It boosts self-confidence and raises self-esteem. Citrine encourages self-expression and is a helpful stone for activating creativity in all areas of life, not just the obviously "creative" pursuits. It is said to promote discernment and mental clarity and helps us to find creative solutions to problems. Citrine is a forward-looking stone and helps you to trust in the future and to go with the flow in anticipation of a happy outcome rather than hanging on to the past. 

Emotional Benefits of Citrine

Emotionally, Citrine encourages a positive outlook and promotes joy in life. It can be used to delve deep into the subconscious and into cell memory to uncover the causes of present dis-ease or unhappiness. It brings these to the surface and supports their release, leading to deeper levels of self-awareness and self-knowledge. Citrine is one of the best aids to feeling comfortable in your own skin. It also helps you to find balance when dealing with criticism, encouraging you to act on constructive criticism and to feel less sensitive to the judgemental attitudes of others, especially when these a rise from feelings of inadequacy. It teaches us to trust and to believe in ourselves and to deal with others fairly but firmly when necessary.   

Citrine Chakras

Citrine opens and activates the Solar Plexus chakra. This is the centre od personal power and when it is in balance we feel comfortable with our whole selves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Personal power is not about imposing our will on others. It is about setting and maintaining boundaries with others that enable us to keep our integrity and emotional stability in a healthy state of energetic flow. Having the courage of your own convictions means that you are happy to give service and love to those who need it, without feeling the need to seek external approval. 

Physical Healing with Citrine 

Citrine is especially useful for anyone who is adversely affected by electromagnetic smog or environmental pollution. If you are one of the many who suffer headaches, feelings of lethargy and even depression due to spending too long under artificial light or at a computer, try placing a cluster of Citrine near to you as you work. Allow it to remind you that it is good to go outside and feel the sun. Citrine absorbs negative vibrations and will help to invigorate your physical body and senses. 


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