Labradorite, also known as Spectrolite,  is highly protective and mystical in nature. It has a sheen that is dark until it catches the light and then it gleams like iridescent peacock feathers in shades of blue, green and gold.


Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite is a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with Universal energies. This stone is said to deflect unwanted energies from the aura and to protect the energetic body against negative vibrations and entities. It is useful during energy healing therapy sessions as it “mops up” the unwanted energies shed during treatments. Labradorite is mysterious and magical, with its ever-changing colors and lustrous sheen, it can take you into other worlds and other lives.


Metaphysical Qualities of Labradorite

Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies and helps to access spiritual purpose. It facilitates raising consciousness and bringing spiritual knowledge and truth into the physical world and body. It stimulates psychic gifts and enhances the qualities of intuition, creativity, insight and wisdom. It can be used to bring ancient knowledge and truths to the surface and aid in their understanding.


Psychological Benefits of Labradorite

Labradorite is a stone of truth and is often used in past life regression and healing. It is said to clear psychic debris from past lives and to banish fears and insecurities stemming from old wounds and traumas. It strengthens our abilities to trust and faith in our own instincts and decision making capabilities. It also protects the aura from the projected thought forms of others and clears away any "hooks" that may have attached to the energy body from other people's insecurities and fears.


Emotional Benefits of Labradorite

Emotionally, Labradorite emits a comforting and reassuring vibration when we are emotionally vulnerable. It fortifies the spirit and shores up trust, both in ourselves and in others. it calms and over-active mind and energizes the thought processes of imagination and creativity. it brings calm and introspection when these are need, allowing us to integrate our logical thinking with our emotional truths and intuitive responses. 


Labradorite Chakras

Use Labradorite to condition and stimulate the Throat chakra. When the Throat chakra is blocked or restricted this can lead to physical symptoms such as sore throat, tonsilitis, swollen glands, ear infections and laryngitis. The emotional effects of a blocked Throat chakra can lead to lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, fearfulness when speaking out and a feeling of not being listened to. Labradorite can activate and open the Throat chakra in a positive, gentle and healing way so that you feel more confident in expressing your true feelings and opinions.

As Labradorite has high spiritual vibration it can be used at the Throat chakra during meditation to enhance the connection with the Divine and the energies of other worldly beings such as guides, messengers and angels.


Physical Healing with Labradorite 

Labradorite is believed to be beneficial for the hormonal and immune systems. it is said to relieve the symptoms of menstrual tension, to lower blood pressure and to treat colds, gout and rheumatism.


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